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Do you want to feel better?

10 fulfilling ways to boost your happiness this fall

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Do you love it when seasons change? I do because it’s a helpful reminder that even though something is coming to an end, there is a new chapter to look forward to. Nature is in a constant flux of change and doesn’t grip to uncertainty with fear like we do. When you look around, take note of the red and yellow leaves crossing your path. Sense the crisp fresh air and celebrate this new passage since autumn is finally here. Fall is a beautiful time and colder outside. Like me, are you eager to find ways to stay cozy in the fall?

Here are 10 ways to stay cozy in the fall

The fall season wouldn’t be complete without being totally and completely cozy while the weather outside is getting cooler.

So whether you’re dreading the change of weather or feeling yourself fill up with excitement for the pumpkin-filled season, here are 10 ways to stay extra cozy this coming fall!

1. Snuggle and sleep in

When it gets dark earlier, you have fewer daylight hours. Though constantly changing your sleep routine isn’t ideal for your mental health or well-being, it’s okay to hit your snooze button and nestle up under your duvet once in a while.

Snuggling and staying in bed are some of the best ways to stay cozy in the fall.

Summer is often a time when you’re more active trying to make the most of the long, bright days. This can leave you feeling burnt out or possibly overwhelmed from engaging in all your favorite activities.

Therefore, fall is an ideal time to slow down and grant yourself time to sleep in a little. If you’re having a hard time adjusting to the time change, here are 8 tips to finally say goodbye to your sleep problems.

2. Host a soup swap party with friends

What do you crave most when it’s cold outside? Something warm right?

My husband and I love eating soup when it’s cold outside. In addition to being warm, soup is nutritious and relatively easy to prepare.

If you want a fun and easy way to stay cozy this fall, then follow our tradition and host a soup swap party.

Hosting a soup swap party is an excellent way to stay cozy in the fall

To host a soup swap party, invite a bunch of soup-loving friends to come to your home. All your guests will bring a warm pot of soup to share. Once you sample the soups, you can take turns swapping them. Therefore, everyone goes home with a different soup than what they brought.

To make it entertaining we had a contest so the top three soup makers won a prize! My friends at The Dating Divas even have these awesome free printables for your party.

3. Listen to the rain

When we were traveling throughout Costa Rica, I noticed how much calmer I felt when it was raining outside since it helps soothe my anxiety.

Taking a walk during a rainstorm can be soothing for your stress

Have you ever sat somewhere and simply listened to the rain? It’s scientifically proven to help calm your mind and bring on a meditative state of rest and relaxation.

“Rain has a regular, predictable pattern. Our brain processes it as a calming, non-threatening noise. Which is why there are so many relaxation and meditation videos that feature the sound of rain.”

Emily Mendez, MS, EdS

So next time you’re craving some deep relaxation, just wait for the clouds to open and take a minute (or fifty!) to sit and listen. Otherwise, you can use a meditation app to listen to rain sounds.

4. Enjoy an autumn walk among the colorful leaves

It’s normal if you want to stay home and hibernate when it’s cold outside.

However, even as the weather starts to change, it’s a good idea to go outside and get moving.

Since the leaves are changing color, autumn is notably one of the most beautiful times of the year.

“Growth needs surrender so we must release the old to welcome the new.”

Pantea Rahimian, LCSW

Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to practice gratitude and mindfulness. You can focus on noticing the differences in the rich colors. Or the smell of the wet cedar and pine in the air as well as the sound of the wind.

One thing I love is walking around and looking at the trees shedding their leaves. It acts as a reminder that growth needs surrender, and we must release the old to welcome the new.

5. Read a book

Fall is the perfect time to dust off your bookshelves and read that book you’ve been meaning to read forever.

Reading is one of the best ways to stay cozy in the fall

In addition to snuggling in bed, reading is an excellent self-care practice because it helps you disconnect from the constant chatter in your mind.

Don’t have one in mind? Head over to Goodreads and meet your next favorite book!

Pantea Rahimian

Take control. Feel better.

Start your Self-care Journey.

Take control.
Feel better.

Start your
Self-care Journey.

Reading is one of the best ways to stay cozy this fall because it’s relaxing, helps reduce your stress, and even stimulates your brain.

Most importantly, reading will strengthen your vocabulary, improve your memory, and is a great conversation starter with friends.

6. Visit a pumpkin patch

What is more fun than heading to a pumpkin patch? I LOVE pumpkin season and use my friend Angela’s recipes on Oh She Glows for anything from pumpkin smoothies to casseroles.

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate autumn

Pumpkin patches are a wonderful activity for all ages, especially if you have small children.

In addition to being nutritious and healthy, they are fun to look at when you’re at a pumpkin patch. From large, oval, and orange to small, oblong, and white. You’ll be amazed at all the varieties of pumpkins you can find.

7. Take care of your skin

Ever notice that your skin dramatically changes in the fall? That’s because there’s less humidity in the air which can be harsh on your skin.

To prevent the dry and itchy discomfort, I focus on moisturizing AND exfoliating since I’m religious about my skincare routine.

Here are the top 5 steps to take care of your skin in the fall:

  • Avoid long, hot showers and soaks in the tub
  • Use a thick hand cream
  • Use a moisturizer daily
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize feet, hands, and elbows at night before bed

Steps you take during the fall to protect and moisturize your skin will help prepare your skin for the harsher winter months

8. Wear a cozy sweater or socks

Fall is the perfect time to put on your favorite knitted socks, sweaters, and fluffy hats. Wearing clothing that is warm and soft are essential ways to stay cozy this fall.

Perhaps this is even the season you learn how to knit or crochet your own!

9. Make some hot chocolate

Drinking warm beverages, whether it’s apple cider or hot chocolate is not only cozy and warm but also a great way to boost your energy. Chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants and even improves your cognitive function.

Making hot chocolate is a nurturing and relaxing activity

If you’re like me and prefer to make your own hot chocolate, try this homemade hot chocolate recipe.

Making hot chocolate (or any warm drink) is one of the perfect ways to stay cozy this fall.

10. Go to a farmer’s market

My husband and I love living in California because of our local farmer’s market. We try to go every weekend since it’s hosted in the heart of our downtown.

When you go to a local farmers market, you’ll find fresh seasonal vegetables and produce, as well as natural soaps and oils.

Come rain or shine, the stalls are always open for you to browse.

Visiting your local farmers market is a great activity year-round

By eating seasonally and supporting your local farmers’ market, there’s a trifecta effect. Less travel means a lower carbon footprint and better for you and the environment.

Most importantly, you are helping local farmers rather than large corporations.

And let’s just be honest here, the produce just tastes better!!

With soups and roasts being a popular choice for warming fall dishes, seasonal foods make the best ingredients.


Now I’m getting ready to make a cup of my favorite homemade hot chocolate and get cozy in my nook to read one of my favorite books.

Autumn is a wonderful time to reflect and appreciate the changing seasons. As cooler temperatures arrive, it’s time for well-deserved rest and relaxation.

I hope these ideas have given you are warm and cozy feeling. I’d love to hear your ideas on how to create a warm and cozy space in the fall. Please share your comments and suggestions below.

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Pantea Rahimian

Take control. Feel better.

Start your Self-care Journey.

Take control.
Feel better.

Start your
Self-care Journey.


24 Responses

  1. So far, I haven’t been a huge fan of the Fall/Winter seasons (as I typically deal with SAD); but this year, I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to do anything I can to smooth the transition to the new season and get the most out of it 🙂

  2. I miss walking in the woods when the leaves change … it’s a wonderful feeling after the summer heat (we moved South from Northern Illinois). Totally love the idea of a Soup Swap Party … how cool is that?!?!? We’ve had a lot of storms in Central Florida this year and I love the sound of the rain and thunder … I even play a thunderstorm on my noise machine at night to sleep. And I’m definitely sleeping in now that the morning light is coming later and later. Thanks for sharing this delightful post.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing all the cool things you’re doing to transition into a new season and celebrate it. The soup swap party is uber fun and a great way to connect with friends and community.

  3. I love the Fall season! I love your tips! In the fall, I like to play in the leaves with my grandkids. I like them to collect leaves and save the different colors. Oh and I think the soup swap is a fun idea!

    1. The soup swap party is super fun especially because you can make it a little competitive and have people vote for their top 3 favorite soups! I hand out prizes and it is fun listening to the stories that people share about what inspired them to make the soup.

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Pantea Rahimian

Take control.
Feel better.

Start your
Self-care Journey.

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