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Why I love attending U.S. Journal Training conferences

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For the past four years, I have been attending the annual Behavioral Health and Addictive Disorders Conference hosted by U.S. Journal Training. I have heard some incredible speakers including Dr. Gabor Maté,  Dr. Dan Siegal, Dr. Joan Borysenko and more.

The conferences provide anywhere from 18-24 continuing education credits. They are held in various states in the United States, including Florida, Washington, Arizona and California.

U.S. Journal Training is known to have “set the Gold Standard in Professional Training” and I can personally attest to the quality of the trainings that they offer.

Pantea Rahimian at the U.S. Journal Training Conference
Pantea standing in front of the registration area

What a typical day looks like at the conference

I love the way the conferences by U.S. Journal Training are set up.

Your day typically starts at 8:00am with a buffet breakfast followed by a keynote speaker at 9:00am. The keynote speakers are well-known and distinguished mental health professionals.

Breakfast buffet

I have thoroughly enjoyed every keynote I have heard and the topics they speak about are relevant to anyone who works in the mental health field.

After the keynote speaker, you are able to attend multiple workshops throughout the day which are typically 90 minutes long and your day ends around 5:30pm.

Why I love the small workshops

You don’t have to sign up in advance to attend the small workshops and just show up. Since the workshops are small there are usually only 15-30 attendees, so you have a chance to do skill development and experiential exercises. 

By attending the small workshops, I have connected with some amazing mental health professionals from all across the country. 

Being able to relate to one another about the type of work we do, as well as exchange contact information has been a valuable resource for me. In addition, the workshops encourage you to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the topic being presented.

Some of my favorite workshops that I have attended have been about burnout prevention, neuroscience of mindfulness and compassion, and learning how to use the ACES screening with adolescents.

Lastly, the U.S. Journal Training conference locations tend to be in appealing cities, so after a long day of workshops you have a chance to go out and enjoy your time exploring the area. 

Since I live in California I prefer to stay local and loved the hotel and accommodations at the Newport Beach Marriott where I attended last year’s conference.

Auditorium filled with people

The benefit of attending U.S. Journal Training conferences

What I love about the U.S. Journal Training conferences, besides the lineup of excellent speakers, is the opportunity to interact and network with a diverse group of mental health professionals, substance abuse counselors and psychiatrists.

There are numerous vendors, specifically those that work with clients who have substance abuse and co-occuring disorders.

Since I primarily work with children and adolescents, I have met some knowledgable mental health professionals who were able to advise me on the best places to refer clients to, as well as a contact so I can consult with them in the future.

People engaging during coffee break

The cost of attending the conference

What I really appreciate about U.S. Journal Training is that it is affordable. 

The typical tuition for other live conferences I have attended including the National NASW Conference held in Washington, D.C. has been around $1,200. 

Full-time tuition for 18 continuing education credits at a U.S. Journal Training conference is only $445 (for early bird registration). If you know someone else who wants to go with you, then you can both get a 10% discount. 

Your conference registration also gets you a discounted rate at the hotel where the conference is held. Even better, you get a 1 year free subscription to Counselor Magazine and you also get a 1 year free subscription to Psychology Today where you can register if you have your own private practice. 


One of the best ways to obtain your continuing education credits, network with other mental health professionals, and enhance your clinical toolbox is by attending a live conference. 

Attending a conference hosted by U.S. Journal Training gives you a chance to listen and learn from some of the most well-known and influential mental health professionals in the United States. In addition, you will attend small workshops where you get a chance to participate in experiential exercises and skill development activities. Lastly, you will be able to network and connect with vendors who are resourceful about addiction and co-occuring disorders.

The best part of conferences hosted by U.S. Journal Training is that they are affordable and held in desirable cities.

Share with me in the comments if you have attended U.S. Journal Training conferences in the past. What was your experience like? Did you like the keynote speakers and workshops? Would you go back and attend another conference?

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Table of Contents

Pantea Rahimian

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